‘Wildlife Photography – Tips and Experiences’ talk 15th April 2021

Join us on Thursday 15th April, 7.30pm for a talk via zoom about ‘Wildlife Photography – Tips and Experiences’ by Stephen Powles.

In this talk Stephen will look to inspire you to take up wildlife photography in its simplest form. He will then go on to give tips as to how one might progress to more challenging subjects and achieve better results. No need for a neck draped in fancy kit! It’s incredible what you can do using relatively simple equipment/mobile phones and by going no further than your garden. There is no need to be passionate about taking wildlife photographs to enjoy this presentation.

Formerly a vet, Stephen changed career to pursue a lifelong passion for wildlife, wildlife photography, filming and conservation. Stephen’s material has made a number of TV appearances, featured in the national press and won major awards. His photography concentrates on interesting and challenging wildlife subjects, many of which are in and close to his home.

Note: The zoom invitation will be emailed beforehand to members and to those on our mailing list. Anyone who would like to join the meeting can request an invitation.