Bird recording 2015

Froyle bird recording 2015 has now concluded, here are the results:  The total number of sightings for each species is shown.

Grey Partridge 0                BTO Red list
Cuckoo (C) 1 (heard)         BTO Red list
Skylark (SL) 69                  BTO Red list
Lapwing (LW) 55               BTO Red list

Yellowhammer (YH) 50   BTO Red list
Woodcock 0                        BTO Amber list now BOCC4 Red listed
Little Egret (LE) 8             BTO Amber list now BOCC4 Green listed
Red Kite (RK) 64               BTO Amber list now BOCC Green listed
Barn Owl (BO) 2                BTO Amber list

Little Owl (LO) 4                Unlisted

Zero active house martin BTO Amber list) nests were reported

Many thanks to the 17 recorders who managed to log 143 records, comprising 253 individual bird sightings covering 18 one kilometre map squares in Froyle.

  • Feb-Apr. 7 species (SL, RK, YH, LW, BO, LO and LE) 85 records comprising 169 sightings
  • May-Jul. 5 species (SL, RK, YH, C, and LE) 29 records comprising 42 sightings
  • Aug-Oct. 3 species (RK, YH and LO) 13 records, 21 sightings
  • Nov-Jan. 2 species (RK and YH) 16 records, 21 sightings

In December 2015 the BTO published their latest Birds of Conservation Concern lists (BOCC4). An overview of the changes since BOCC3 can be seen at plus links to the Red and Amber lists and information on the criteria for inclusion on the lists.

How the survey started: Keith Betton the Hampshire Bird Recorder suggested at his talk on the Birds of Froyle in October 2014 that we do a parish survey of selected birds.  The eleven species to look out for during 2015 were grey partridge, little egret, red kite, lapwing, woodcock, cuckoo, barn owl, little owl, skylark, yellowhammer, and a count of active house martin nests.  All except little owl are BTO Birds are of Conservation Concern.

Sightings were made from public rights of way or on private land with permission from the landowner. Simply noting what you saw/heard where you saw it and when you saw it, on your normal walks around Froyle and then email sightings to Further information including notes on each species provided by Keith plus a handy map were provided on request or see us at the Meeting Place in the Village Hall on the last Friday of each month.