The Diversity of Wildlife

The range of habitats and settings in Froyle supports a great variety of wildlife, both rare and common; for example 565 plant and 36 butterfly species have been formally recorded. This biodiversity is locally appreciated, although there is concern regarding the loss of plant, bird and animal species in Froyle.

We have several protected and notable species of conservation concern, including:

  • Several bat species, brown hare and hedgehog
  • Skylark, linnet, yellowhammer, woodlark, kingfisher and house sparrow
  • Great crested newt and common toad
  • Grass snake, slow worm
  • Small blue and silver-washed fritillary butterflies
  • Sulphur pearl and cinnabar moths
  • White and violet helleborines
  • Fine-leaved sandwort
  • Bullhead (fish)

Some of these species are only just hanging on, hence the need for careful management of their habitat. On a positive note, we are seeing species that until 20 years ago were seldom seen in Froyle, including the red kite and raven.

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