After cancelling ‘walks and talks’ in 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions, we resumed talks last October via zoom . We continue to look after the wildflower area on Froyle recreation ground and the wildlife pond area near Gid Lane with volunteers and social distancing. Thanks for the positive comments received about the living willow dome. See a list of dates in 2021 for volunteer work parties.

Our 2021 ‘walks and talks’ list so far.

Nature in Froyle has carried on as usual during lockdowns and here is a link to the map of public footpaths if you can exercise in this parish. Check out our social networking on Instagram that started at or search the hashtag #froylewildlife.

In Spring 2021 we plan to sow cornfield annuals again on a 5x10m area of bare ground. We remove any perennial weeds, rotovate the area and rake the soil before sowing. Volunteers assistance would be appreciated on Saturdays 2-4pm, 20th March and 3rd April. This year’s annual cut and rake-up of the perennial meadow area is planned for 31st July 2021. Previously this area has grown well (see photos) after sowing in 2015 with the help of volunteers.

The wildlife pond and wildflower meadow near Gid Lane (see access plan and photos) has produced an increase in local biodiversity since construction in 2016 and demonstrates how we can help to give nature a home. The meadow area has established well but will still benefit from regular maintenance to avoid perennial weeds taking hold. Join us if you can help in 2021 on Saturdays 10am-12, 27th Mar, 24th Apr, 15th May, 29th May, 12th June, 4th Sep, 2nd Oct.  Come and get involved with hands on nature conservation.

Alton Natural History Society organise regular talks and field trips in the Alton area.

Binsted Eco Networks provide a forum for local environmental topics, contact for more information.

In 2017 we registered as a ‘Charitable Incorporated Organisation‘ with the Charities Commission.

See previous years ‘walks and talks’ list for 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016. For more information see Posts and Past events.