Hedgehog survey 2015

Chris Matcham, a Hart Wildlife Hospital volunteer www.hartwildlife.org.uk who gave a hedgehog talk in Froyle in 2013 ‘Is aiming to plot the location of hedgehogs across Hampshire to determine if feeding them attracts the animals to breed’ (The Herald 17 April 2015) Please contact him with your sightings, name and postcode and whether you feed them.  You can pick up a form from the Hart Wildlife shop in the Bank car park in Alton.  (A tell tale sign that hedgehogs visit your garden is finding their cylindrical long black usually quite shiny droppings on the lawn). SC

Bird recording in Froyle.

In the last few months 41 records have been submitted totalling 101 bird sightings and covering 7 of the eleven target species, well done everyone and please keep the records coming in.

April sees the return of the cuckoo, a bird whose breeding population in the UK has fallen by half in the past 20 years and the subject of a BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) tracking project to find out why.  Please keep a special listen out and send in your records, but beware, sometimes the collared dove gives a good impression of a cuckoo!

House martins are also on their way from Africa and will begin nesting in May, making their mud nests on house walls. For this species please send in records of active nests only.

See http://www.rspb.org.uk/ and search house martin for information on this lovely species.

Anyone can join in this survey, the target species being skylark, lapwing, yellowhammer, red kite, barn owl, little owl, little egret, cuckoo, grey partridge and woodcock.(+ house martin active nest count)  For an information pack contact us or come along to the Meeting Place on the last Friday of the month where you can view the Bird Maps and Froyle Nature Conservation Group display boards.

Which do you think should be Britain’s national bird?  You can vote for one of the 10 contenders at http://www.votenationalbird.com/  voting closes May 7th 2015.