Prepare ground wildflower area July 2015

Planned area for wildflowers
Planned area for wildflowers

An area 5x20m on the northern edge of Froyle recreation ground is going to be sown with native wildflower seed this autumn.  A meadow mixture of Spring/summer flowering perennials is planned with cornfield annuals included to provide a display in 2016 and act as a nurse crop for the perennials that take longer to establish. Thanks to Froyle Parish Council for purchasing the seed from Emorsgate Seeds, EM5 Meadow mixture and EC1 Cornfield annuals (link to a list of the 27 species Wildflower seed list).

Emorsgate EC1 cornfield annuals
Emorsgate EC1 cornfield annuals
Emorsgate EM5 meadow mix
Emorsgate EM5 meadow mix

Now all we need are volunteers to make it happen! Can you help on Sunday 19th July 9-12am to remove and stack turves into habitat piles? (The turf will have already have been cut by machine). If so please bring a garden spade and gloves, refreshments will be available.  We will then hoe weeds every 3 weeks on Sundays 9th and 30th August and 20th September at 9am and again assistance would be appreciated.  The wildflower seed should be sown in late September depending on weather. An idea of numbers would be appreciated so please contact us if you can help.

Froyle wildlife photo competition 2015

What better way to connect with nature than to capture images of what you see.

Common frogPhotos must have been taken within the parish of Froyle and depict what you value in local wildlife.

Images should preferably be landscape format with a max .jpg file size 2MB or prints max 7”x5” size.  The winning photos will be displayed on the website along with at least one photo from each person entering. Entries from under 14’s will be judged as a separate category.

Please submit up to 4 entries by 31st October 2015 either by email to or at the village hall Meeting Place on the last Friday of each month by the Froyle Nature Conservation Group table

Update Nov 2015, link to winning photos.

Froyle Wildlife news April 2015

Froyle Nature Conservation Group was formed less than a year ago partly as a follow on to a Parish Plan idea for a ‘wildlife club’. It aims to encourage awareness of local biodiversity and to enhance it. Also to involve the community in practical nature conservation tasks. Anyone with an interest in wildlife is welcome to join.

Wildflower area: The Parish Council has recently been asked to approve a plan to sow native wildflower seed this autumn on an area of the recreation ground (5x20m strip along northern edge). Initial cultivation can be done by volunteers including the group.

New website: Our developing website has information about wildlife in Froyle including a description of habitats and lists of birds, plants and insects that have been seen in the Parish in previous years. There’s a photo competition and what better way to connect with nature than to capture images of what you see (could be flowers, views, animals).

Wildlife pond: After a slow start, the plan for two wildlife ponds near Gidd Lane had to be changed to a single pond 300m2 area when the topographical survey revealed buried pipes. Next step is a quote for landscape architect and drawings for a planning application. Froyle Park developers NJG say they are committed to completing this project to enhance biodiversity. The earliest pond digging could begin is winter 2015/16.

An initiative to spot and record birds when you are out and about in Froyle has produced over 100 sightings so far in 2015 for the 11 target species. There is more information on the display boards at the village hall ‘Meeting place’ on the last Friday of each month.